Mark Bethea


Mark Bethea

HELIOS ROARED is my first novel. It is conceptualized as an apocalyptic thriller about a Northern California family that has been preparing for a cataclysmic event for over twenty years. It is an event that the father alone has predicted. And like Chicken Little from the folk tale, nobody believed him when he told his tales of doom--until it was too late. 

When I set out to publish HELIOS ROARED, I was confronted by the fact that in 2016, there are many different ways to get published, from self-publishing to traditional publishing deals and everything in between. At this point, I really don't know how I am going to publish the book. In the meantime, as I work on the final edits, I decided to share this version online to get feedback. So please feel free to comment, make suggestions and share your thoughts through this site. I promise that I will read and consider everything, and for fans who are loyal to the Blog and PodCast, I will offer significant discounts on the book when it does get published.

So thank you in advance for reading and/or listening and sharing your thoughts with me. I deeply appreciate your time.